Amazon Already Starting Black Friday Deals is already trying to get you to spend your cash way ahead of time. More people are using the online retail giant’s website during “Black Friday weekend” to score some of the best deals on pretty much anything consumers can think of. It saves people time standing on long lines outside in the cold and gives families more time to spend together. Amazon wants us to spend even more time with our families -ick – and they have a new idea to make that a reality.

Start the deals right now with a Black Friday count down. As of writing, if you visit this link, you’ll be taken to Amazon’s deal page. One of the more attractive deals for gamers is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, on sale for $39.99. Hold on though. Before you click buy, think about it.

In case you’re unaware, Black Friday is really the only good day to buy cheap products. Merchants everywhere are going to attempt to get you to buy things weeks ahead of time, and weeks after the fact. Don’t do it. Plenty of websites constantly advise us to avoid deals outside of the consumer holiday, and we concur.

Hold back the trigger finger and see for yourselves. Black Friday (okay… and Cyber Monday) will have better deals than you see today. I predict MGS:V easily drops another $10, at the very least. Be sure to check out competitors and price match anywhere you can. Be a smart consumer and you’ll be happily rewarded. One of our writers received a free Playstation 4 last year for being a patient and smart buyer. I myself spent less than $100 on ten games that released in 2014 during “Black Friday ’14.”

Wait for the flyers people.

What tech and which games are you excited to spend less than half on this year?

Walter Winchester