Talking Legends of Tomorrow + Some Quentin Lance Hate

If you’ve been watching the new seasons of “Arrow” and “Flash,” then you’ve noticed that the shows are clearly headed somewhere. They’re building something up. “Arrow” has gone much deeper on it than “Flash,” but the Emerald Archer has no choice. The production team decided to include Sarah, so now they have to explain how she came back from the dead.

I’m talking about “Legends of Tomorrow,” by the way, the upcoming anthology series that is supposed to star a new cast of DC characters in every season. I’m extremely excited for this show. It looks so cool, as you’ll see from the trailer below.

With that said, I hope setting it up doesn’t take much more time away from the main shows, and their story lines. Don’t get me wrong, the Sarah stuff is going to bring Constantine into the fold (on next week’s episode), which has me HYPED AF, but I want Oliver Queen chasing Damien Darhk, and I want Barry Allen to be chasing Zoom. That’s it. I want my badass heroes to chase my badass villains.

I don’t want them running around, trying to figure out how to tie up all the loose ends, so that “Legends of Tomorrow” is on point with continuity. I appreciate that, that is something they care about, though, I will say that. Too many shows have garbage continuity.

NOTE: Here is a trailer for the next episode of “Arrow,” featuring Hellblazer himself, John Constantine.

FYI, I included that link, because we are late on this week’s “Arrow” review. Fre, the writer of said reviews, has something going on this week, and hasn’t been able to get to it. If you haven’t seen the episode – you’re not missing too much.

UPDATE: Fre has turned in his Arrow review (see below for the link). When he said he had something going on, he certainly wasn’t kidding. 

The biggest thing that happened was a confrontation between Quentin Lance and Oliver, which is something that I’ve been waiting on. I got very tired of Quentin’s holier than thou act, very quickly.

I remember when Oliver thought that Roy had died, and Quentin was there to rub it in his face. For me, that was the moment that I decided I no longer care about that character. He came off like such an asshole. In fact, I’ll probably be hyped if he ends up being the one who dies at the end of this season.

Back to the confrontation, though. In the newest episode, Oliver learned that Quentin has been working with Damien Darhk, and basically called him out as being a hypocritical little bitch, who hides behind his two hot daughters. It felt cathartic for me when Ollie was yelling at Quentin. That’s how annoying I started to find Papa Lance.

I hated how he took everything out on Oliver. It works for a couple episodes. He found out that Team Arrow was lying to him about Sarah, and that he was leaving voicemails for his dead daughter for months, and yada, yada, yada. As I said, Quentin being mad at Ollie works for a few episodes. It went on for far too long. He even broke out the chicken and the egg argument to keep himself feeling justified.

He's the worst (© 2015 The CW)
He’s the worst (© 2015 The CW)

I know what you’re thinking, “chicken and the egg argument?”

I’m referring to the idea that super heroes are often the catalyst for chaos in their particular towns. For starters, that doesn’t work for Starling City. It’s pretty clear from the beginning of the show that the place is a hellhole.

Let’s allow it, though. Say Quentin is right, and Oliver Queen brought a bunch of chaos into the city. Quentin didn’t help when he gleefully worked for the vigilante for seasons. Then, there was Sarah, who chose to leave her family (after being apart from them for years), and re-join The League of Assassins. He should be angry at her. She chose almost certain death over being with her family for longer.

Why can’t he sling some of that heat her way? Laurel got a bit for a little while, but even that ended. Yet, he still treats Oliver like he’s a sack of garbage. He worked alongside Arrow. He’s seen the vigilante go out and risk his life to help people. Sure, Ollie has stumbled along the way, but who hasn’t? All he wants to do is help his city.

For someone who should be working the 12 steps, Quentin has been very stingy with his forgiveness.

All right, I’m done. I had to vent my feelings on the handling of Quentin Lance. I feel much better.

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