Say Happy Birthday to the X-Men Animated Series

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That title is pretty cut and dry, am I right? On this day in 1992, the X-Men animated series aired its first episode. When I was growing up, this show was my everything. I was born in 1989, so it hit right in that sweet spot. I was starting to develop, and I guess, at a point, somebody sat me in front of a television, and turned this on. If I knew who that person was exactly, they’d get a big, fat thank you hug.

In honor of this day, here is but a sampling of the awesomeness that the show has brought:

That last link is the biggest reason I hate “X-3: The Last Stand.” How did they put Juggernaut and Colossus into the same movie, and then not let them share a scene together? Hell, they don’t even look at each other.

Awful. They should’ve been whipping busses at each other, and shit.

Those two final links are from my favorite episodes in the series’ run. The Wolverine vs. Sabertooth story was beautifully realized. Wolvie leaves the X-Men and travels¬†deep into the arctic, taking up with some Inuits. He thinks he’s escaped the chaos and carnage of his previous life, but then Sabertooth comes calling.

I still remember how I felt when I would sit and watch my VHS copy. It was thrilling. Mostly, because Sabertooth doesn’t attack right away. He bides his time, stalking Wolverine. As a viewer, it causes insane levels of uneasiness – especially for children. That’s why I always lost it for the climactic fight. I was hyped to see Wolverine beat the crap out of his arch-rival, and that’s exactly what happened.

If you have the chance to watch this show, then at some point today, you should pop it on, sit back, and enjoy. They covered everything from the “Days of Future Past” story line, all the way to the “Dark Phoenix” run. Hell, they adapted pretty much every X-Men comic book arc that came before 1992. They even crossed over with the “Spider-Man” animated series that was on, at the time.¬†It’s all there.

Trust me. You will not regret turning this show on.

Joseph Finnegan