Shenmue 3 Screenshots Are Beautiful

The third month of Shenmue 3’s development is upon us. As of right now, the story and scenarios are in their planning stages.

Shenmue 3 has a long way until official release, but YS Net wanted to share something a little special with their backers. The team members of YS NET are currently “Map Testing.” In short, they’re trying to get everything to operate smoothly on each map, which may mean increasing or decreasing the amount of doodads or characters on screen. The following screenshots provided to backers may contain “spoilers,” although YS Net have done their best using angles to obstruct plot ruining imagery.


"Battle Test 1"

"Battle Test 2"



The first two screenshots test combat in two areas. The third shot tests Ryo speaking to someone, or a group of people. The third shot contains an already highly detailed roof model.

Seeing those pictures makes me more excited for the continuation of the cliffhanger franchise. Who is ready to journey forward with Ryo?

Daniel Mihailescu