Halo 5 Ultra Rare Swarovski Helmet

I just started playing Halo 5: Guardians last night. I had to wait for the box to come in the mail and then I had our talent come over (Norah) and unbox that game for an upcoming video! When it was all said and done, instead of editing the unboxing for viewing pleasure, I installed the game and spent too many hours playing it.

Get one thing straight – Halo 5 is spectacular. There’s one thing that provides as much spectacle, and it’s a Swarovski Halo 5 Master Chief helmet, that’s currently available for bid on eBay.


The helmet is shrouded in 25,000 crystals and weighs in at 5kg. This replica isn’t “cat friendly.” Halo 3 collector’s edition fans will understand that reference.

The best part about the auction is where all the money goes. Make A Wish is known for their good deeds world wide for helping children. The bedazzled collector’s item is becoming more expensive with each passing hour (over $10,000 right now,) but the money should bring joy to some special children.

Check out who the designers are in video beneath.

Via: VG247

Daniel Mihailescu