Bruce Campbell and Macho Man Shared a Trailer

Macho Man, Macho Man Randy Savage

This is the best story I’ve read in a long time. While they were filming Sam Raimi’s first “Spider-Man” movie (in which they shared a scene), Bruce Campbell and Macho Man Randy Savage shared a trailer with very little insulation. That meant that the man sometimes known as Ash Williams was able to hear all of it, as The Madness and his girlfriend got down ‘n’ dirty.

This amazing story came to light while Campbell was talking to¬†Yahoo! Movies, in an effort to promote his upcoming “Ash vs. The Evil Dead.”

Here’s a quote:

“Randy Savage had his girlfriend, and we were in the same trailer together,” Campbell recalled while talking with. “And… yup! He had his girlfriend over! Yup!”

Bruce Campbell’s co-star, Lucy Lawless, was also there (as Bruce told the story, not while Macho was getting busy).

“Did they make you sit on the stoop?” Lawless asked.

“No, I didn’t have to,” Campbell continued. “It didn’t matter where I sat, ’cause — there was some girlfriending happening right next door. But it’s like a duplex with no insulation. So, yep — he had fun working on that movie!”

It didn’t stop there. Moments later, Lawless suggested that perhaps Macho and his GF were simply rehearsing.

Campbell’s response:

“Oh, you mean they were acting next door! Oh, jeez. Thank you for clarifying that. I thought there was pretty much just animalistic sex happening next door.”

Hit the source link, and listen to Bruce Campbell tell the full, hilarious story.

SOURCE: Yahoo! Movies


Joseph Finnegan