Bungie Congratulates Halo 5 Launch

UPDATE 10/28/15: The official Halo Twitter responded with kind words. The original story and response are provided below.


Just a few years ago, developer Bungie concluded their exclusive relationship with Microsoft. What did that mean? Bungie would no longer produce Halo video games for Microsoft’s gaming consoles.

After Bungie left Microsoft, leaving their blood, sweat, and tears behind them, the company moved into multi-platform territory, forming new bonds with Microsoft and Sony.

Bungie hasn’t forgotten their roots, much to their credit. Earlier today, Bungie applauded 343i (the team that replaced them at Microsoft) for the successful launch of Halo 5: Guardians.

Check out the classiness below.



  While it’s perhaps weird to see another company take over a series that was never completely finished, it’s soothing to witness maturity developing in an industry that’s otherwise rarely seen.

Walter Winchester