Bungie’s Destiny Celebrates Halloween

Playing Destiny but getting tired of it? Developer Bungie might have noticed. Log in right now, fly to the tower, and celebrate “Festival of the Light,” a Halloween inspired event.

Once players reach the tower, they’ll be greeted with a variety of new quests, Halloween themed music, and Eris Morn saying things like “Candy will not save you,” and “Are you wearing a mask? I can’t tell.

The quest line that gets guardians going.
Sweet Memories; The quest line that gets guardians going.

The quest that starts it all is called “Sweet Memories,” which asks guardians to “trick-or-treat.” Once that’s done, collect the goodies, and have fun with a list of fresh quests. Don’t hesitate, because the quests are timed and won’t last beyond the festival. I suggest doing the quests since the Eris Morn mask is available for a short time. It put a huge grin on my face!

Happy Halloween Festival of the Light!

Daniel Mihailescu