Hell in a Cell 2015 – What a Stacked Kickoff Match

It’s 7:40PM. The match you see above is in full swing. How in the blue hell did all of those talented men end up on the kickoff show? They should have renamed this part of the show, “The Island of Wasted Stars.”

Seriously though, that is far too much talent for the kickoff show. Every one of them deserves more. I’ll maybe give you Neville – he’s still new to the WWE Universe. The rest of them are clearly being wasted.

I mean, come on – how is the holder of the Money in the Bank briefcase, wrestling on the kickoff show?┬áRidiculous. It’s the same with Cesaro. These guys are unbelievable. Dolph Ziggler can wrestle, and kill it on the microphone. As can Wade Barrett. They’re all talented.

Pull your shit together, Vince!

NOTE: I have not watched any of SmackDown, or the other shows. I did not know that Cesaro and Stardust are building a rivalry. Hyped AF on that. They should put on some dynamite matches.

All right, well Neville just put away King Barrett with his gorgeous finisher, The Red Arrow. I guess that wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Doesn’t matter now, anyway. It’s 7:57PM, and Hell in a Cell 2015 is about to start.

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Joseph Finnegan