Hell in a Cell 2015 – Not Today, Dudley Boyz

the new day, dudley boyz

As expected, the New Day came to play. Even though they didn’t have Xavier Woods with them, they still put on one of the best matches of the night. It was fast-paced, and fun. I especially enjoyed Kofi Kingston’s Eddie Guerrero moment.

In case you’re wondering what that means, let me explain. During the match, Kofi had Xavier’s damaged trombone, and while the ref’s back was turned, he threw it to Bubba Ray Dudley, who caught it, right as the ref was turning back around. The man in black and white saw Bubba, of course, but wasn’t sure what to do.┬áHe looked to the crowd, and they made it clear that The Dudley Boy┬ádidn’t actually use the foreign object.

From there, the ref let them continue, and The New Day ended up winning the match. The journey continues for The Dudley Boyz to become 10 time WWE Tag Team Champions. It’s definitely going to happen, but it didn’t on this night.

Here’s why:



Joseph Finnegan