Where are Randy Orton & Luke Harper?

All credit to Uproxx, which is where I found out about this: Randy Orton missed Raw on Monday, not due to something that happened during a wrestling match. No, he missed the show because he suffered an extremely painful dislocation of his shoulder, while bringing his garbage out to the curb.

Apparently, that’s for real. He has “hyper mobile” shoulders, which means he can extend them past the usual range of motion. That occurs when the¬†tissues holding a joint together – mainly ligaments – are too loose.¬†That definitely explains how it happened, but still…

That table's got nothing on a full Hefty bag
He made it through this. I guess the announce table’s got nothing on a full Hefty bag

Apex Predator – 0

Garbage bag – 1

That doesn’t answer the question of where Luke Harper was during that same episode. In case you weren’t watching, The Wyatt Family dropped Harper on Monday, and suddenly had Eric Rowan at their side. His reunion with them was assumed, but they didn’t even bother explaining it. They acted as if Rowan being there was a normal thing.

One week, it was Harper, Wyatt, and Strowman. The next, it was Rowan, Wyatt, and Strowman. A lot of people were scared that Harper got in trouble, after Chris Jericho posted this picture (which has since been deleted).


Thankfully, that appears to not be the case. Phew! Luke Harper is probably the best big man in the WWE right now. It’d be a shame to see him get punished for a fun picture like that.

The real reason he disappeared, according to The Observer, has something to do with his family. In other words, he has some personal issues, and we should stop pressing things, and count ourselves lucky that they had Rowan as backup. I can’t even imagine the chaos we would have seen if Luke Harper needed his personal time, and Rowan wasn’t ready to come back from the injury that he sustained a few months ago.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Randy Orton hitting Luke Harper with an RKO (Courtesy of WWE.com).

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