This Is Why We Love The Young Bucks

If you’re into Professional Wrestling, and don’t know The Young Bucks, then you are seriously messing up. I have my Team WWE partner, Jerry Mascolo, to thank for introducing them to me. They’re one of the best tag teams in the business right now. They bring in humor, physicality, and some dope-ass finishers (the Meltzer Driver is my favorite).

On top of that, their social media interactions are some of the funniest that I’ve ever read:

I saw this earlier, and laughed my ass off. It's actually the reason I'm writing this article
I saw this on their FB page earlier, and laughed my ass off. It’s actually the reason I’m writing this article

Since that’s out of the way, let us never forget about this gem of a video, where The Young Bucks hit Elmo with a double superkick.

It’s glorious.

Now – to finish this piece off, I thought I’d go back to Jerry Mascolo for a quote about why he loves The Young Bucks. He’s been a fan for years, and wasted many a breath trying to defend them to angry wrestling vets. He even brought this CERTIFIED BIZ CLIZ 4-LIFE sign to Monday Night Raw in Brooklyn, the night after SummerSlam.

I assume that does enough to establish Jerry as a huge fan of The Young Bucks.

“Young Bucks remind me of the early DX days when Shawn Michaels and Triple H were going out there and doing it whatever they found funny. Beyond that, the Bucks are the most cohesive teams ever; two bodies, one mind. The Young Bucks can deliver no matter how many people they’re in front of.”

Crushed it.


Joseph Finnegan