Back to the Present

As I type this, it is 1:13 am on Wednesday, October 21, 2015. This is a day that seemed to be a distant point in the future for so long, but now it’s finally here! If you’ve been near a computer or TV anytime in this recent week, then you know why this day has become so insanely popular. For those unfortunate enough to be stuck under a rock, this is the day that Marty McFly travels to in “Back To The Future II.”


I can say, with zero hyperbole, that I’ve been a fan of the film franchise my entire life. I hold no film franchise in a higher regard than BTTF. I’m beyond excited to see this particular celebration of the series taken to such extreme measures. Whether it’s the unintentional, like the Chicago Cubs actually standing a chance to make the movie prediction come true and win the World Series, or the purposefully marketed, like Pepsi releasing the Pepsi Perfect today. As a sidebar, my friend has just informed me that at 1:23 am, Pepsi Perfect has been sold out.

The 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray is also released today, collecting all three films and the entire animated series (a first time ever release on DVD). All in all, today is THE greatest day to be a fan of this franchise.¬†At the ripe old age of 28, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen all three movies. Yet, no matter what number viewing it is – they still manage to make me feel like a little kid again, watching for the first time.

There’s nothing like finally seeing your favorite movie come to life. Mattel, a few years back, produced an exact replica of the hoverboard (that yes I own). This week, the Puente Hills Mall – which provided the parking lot for the Twin Pines/Lone Pine Mall – has renamed itself the Twin Pines Mall (seen in the featured image). Doctor Emett L. Brown’s truck is even parked there!

(Courtesy of Sal Rivas)
(Courtesy of Sal Rivas)

Today, for me at least, is such a bittersweet day. Sweet because, unlike in most fandoms, we can say we’re “a part” of this story by reaching this particular date. But its very bitter, in that, from here on out the entire film franchise takes place completely in the past. The wide eye wonderment of “what if” and “imagine its really like that” is completely stripped of this franchise. But even in spite of that, I know that any time I watch “Back To The Future,” Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale and the rest of the cast and crew will have me covered with a wild ride of time travel and suspense.

I was lucky enough to meet Christopher Lloyd at Comic Con a few year back. I had him sign my 25th Anniversary collection. I completely nerded out and thanked him for his contribution with this film. If I was ever fortunate enough to have this article come across the eyes of Bob Gale, Robert Zemeckis, Michael J. Fox, Thomas F. Wilson or anyone else involved with this series, I would also thank them for creating such a long lasting part of my childhood.

My autographed edition of the trilogy
My autographed edition of the trilogy (the replica Mattel hoverboard is right behind it)

I will always treasure our relationship and think of you with fond memories, warm feelings, and a special place in my heart.

Your friend in time,
Jerry P Mascolo
October 21st, 2015

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Courtesy of Sal Rivas.

Jerry Mascolo