The Best Moment of RAW – 10/19/2015

I began this series on 9/14/2015. Since then, every installment has featured The New Day. That’s simply the hard truth of the matter. For a while now, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E have been the most entertaining act on WWE programming.

That’s still the case. However, on this episode, Kevin Owens stole the spotlight with a familiar maneuver, delivered to a new opponent. As you can see from the featured image, that glorious heel hit a a Pop-Up Powerbomb on Mark Henry.

I know what you’re thinking, “but Mark Henry’s so big!”

Trust me – I know. It blew my mind, too.

How crazy was that?

We can’t ignore ol’ Sexual Chocolate, by the way. Mark Henry made sure he got himself up there for KO. All around, it’s a very underrated moment from a night filled with the legends of yesteryear, plugging Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker, a match we’ve been seeing for over a decade.

It’s cool, and I’m sure the Hell in a Cell match on Sunday will be sweet, but I’ll be more excited to see the both of them when they move onto new rivalries, hopefully opposite fresh opponents.


Mr. X