Iris and Diggle Play Guitar Hero

I’m watching “The Flash” right now – 8:44PM – October 20th, 2015. A few moments ago, a Guitar Hero commercial played, featuring Candice Patton and David Ramsey, and it was one of the most criminally lame things that I have ever seen. I actually can’t believe that somebody cleared it for production. It’s genuinely horrendous. Somebody needs to be fired!

NOTE: The video above is not the commercial that I wrote about. Apparently, that’s only part one, and I’m talking about part two. I didn’t know that, until I entered “Iris and Diggle play Guitar Hero” into a Google search. I watched part of that turd burger, and then fast forwarded to the end. It says that the challenge will play out on October 20th (today) during “The Flash.”

That’s what I watched: the end result of their challenge. I can’t stress this enough – it’s absolutely horrendous. That’s not my word, either. I’m watching Flash with my brother, and our friend, and as soon as the commercial ended, my bro angrily yelled, “that was horrendous.”

There isn’t a better word out there. When I find a working link of part two, I’ll update this article.

You’ll see.

It’s truly horrendous.

UPDATE: I have found part two.

P.S. Feel free to hit the comment section, and tell us exactly how horrendous both of these commercials are.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: YouTube screenshot.

Walter Winchester