Monday Nerdo War – RAW – 09/11/95

Welcome back to “The Monday Nerdo War.” Every Monday, Team WWE (Jerry Mascolo and Joey Finnegan) will do their best to review Monday Night Raw, while Team WCW (Carlos Rivero and Fre) covers Monday Nitro. The overall goal is to trace the entire Monday Night War, and create a timeline here on Nerdopotamus. Unfortunately, Team WWE didn’t have the best start.

There was no RAW on September 4th, 1995. It was preempted by the US Open. Totally lame.

Thankfully, the show came back a week later on the 11th. The opening minutes are a recap of HBK and Razor Ramon’s ladder match at SummerSlam 1995. Not long after, it’s time for Razor to step into the ring.

Razor v. Bulldog w/ Cornette

Bulldog gets sent over the top rope and since this isn’t shitty WCW, the match doesn’t end in a disqualification.

JOEY: It still blows my mind that going over the top rope caused a DQ in classic WCW. I don’t understand that at all. I never did. I’m sure Carlos or Fre will explain when they see this.

Heel Jerry Lawler and overly excited Vince on commentary: sounds like childhood.

JOEY: I can’t wait for Jim Ross to join the team. Vince, Lawler, and JR were always my favorite on commentary.

Most hyped kid ever in crowd.


The ref takes a bump, and then out comes Dean Douglas to interfere.

1-2-3 Kid comes out. Douglas drops him.

Bulldog hits the running power slam, and pins Razor. 1-2-3 Kid goes to break it up, but hits The Bad Guy.

At a point, Cornette hits 1-2-3 Kid with the second most ridiculous pair of ruby red slippers ever.

Post match interview: Lawler absolutely buries just Razor, Kid, and McMahon. Greatness.

JOEY: “McMahon has gone into the ring with those two losers, so now we’ve got three losers in the ring.” Greatness is right. Heel Jerry Lawler is the best Jerry Lawler.

1-2-3 Kid challenges Razor for next week. Lawler is amped.


JOEY: I don’t know why I find “McMang” so hilarious, but I really do. Razor’s promos were always fantastic.

Razor accepts.

President Gorilla Monsoon makes Owen/Yoko v. Men on a Mission.


Smoking Guns v. Brooklyn Brawler and Rad Radford

Love that Billy mullet. Glorious.


JOEY: Yeah, Billy’s mullet is pretty much the only thing worth talking about.

Goldust video. Calls out The Undertaker.

JOEY: What in the blue hell is going on with Goldust? When I first saw that, I genuinely thought he was Dee from “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.”

Yankem v. Scott Taylor

Jabron central. According to Lawler, Yankem is the fifth dentist in those 4 out of 5 deals.


Yankem is such a jabron, that his finisher is a DDT not so cleverly renamed the DDS.

Before the main event, there was a short video package promoting the upcoming In Your House event on September 24th, 1995.

That show featured two certified bangers (we will be covering it as part of the “Monday Nerdo War”).



Shawn Michaels v. Psycho Sid for IC Title

YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot

I’ve never been a fan of Shawn, but fuck if he isn’t talented as all hell. He improved greatly in two years, from when we started the RAW Retro Rewind Review, all the way up to ’95.

JOEY: Never been a fan of Shawn? Absolute poppycock! I used that word properly, right?

The crowd pops huge when Shawn reverses the powerbomb.

JOEY: Yeah, I just looked it up – definitely used poppycock properly.

HBK used a superkick to the gut and two to the face to beat Sid. Angry wrestling vets would shit all over this match if it was The Young Bucks.

JOEY: Yeah, I’ve been seeing more and more complaining about superkicks lately. Can we quiet that down? It’s pretty tired. Wrestling is wrestling. Suplexes used to finish people off. Now John Cena can catch over a dozen of ’em in one match, and keep going.

Michaels starts stripping in ring and gyrating.

Crowd loses it at the hint of seeing that HBK D.

JOEY: I get it.


Doc Hendricks interviews Diesel and HBK.

Shawn talks about righting wrongs in his life. More importantly, this is the promo where Diesel says “we’re not only two dudes with attitudes, we’re two chaps with all the straps.”

From there, there’s a quick preview of next week’s already recorded episode, and then the superior wrestling show of 1995 went off the air.

Until next week…


Jerry Mascolo