Nintendo’s 30th Year, Red Bull, and No Beards

Today’s a celebratory double whammy for video games. Nintendo’s NES released thirty years ago today in North America, causing a resurgence of gaming to occur world wide, eventually leading to massive market expansion.

The anniversary barely coincides with the recent release of Yoshi’s Wooly World, a Nintendo Wii U exclusive that reinvents traditional 2D platforming. Read our review here.

That’s not all. The internet deities have spoken and also dubbed today “National No Beard Day,” which somehow managed to thread its way into gaming culture.

Thank you RedBull, for being a part of the cool digital party and bringing the news to our attention. One month from now we’ll be growing out our facial hair in support of “No Shave November,” which isn’t for fashion, but promotes cancer awareness.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Games official twitter

Daniel Mihailescu