VIDEO: Vader’s White Castle of Fear

If you watched the newest episode of “Table for 3,” featuring Sting, Vader, and DDP, then you heard Stinger mention “the White Castle of Fear.” This was a hype video that WCW shot, in anticipation of Sting vs. Big Van Vader at Super Brawl 3. It’s more of a short film, honestly. If I were to judge it critically, I’d have to admit that it’s a pile of the hottest garbage.

Thankfully, I watched it through the lens of a wrestling fan, and on that basis – it’s sort of incredible.┬áIt plays like a wrestling infused nightmare. The legendary Harley Race, Vader’s manager at the time, is in it. He spends the majority of his time on-screen, cackling in an evil fashion (it’s hilarious).

Oh, and this is definitely the best part: at a point, Sting is thinking about his upcoming match with Vader, and he starts to hear his opponent’s voice in his head. Then he imagines Vader standing there, taunting him, over and over again. I laughed my ass off.

If you’re a fan of Vader, Sting, or honestly, fun, then you should enjoy the following video:

What’d you think? Is Vader going to haunt your dreams tonight?

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Joseph Finnegan