Free Batman: Arkham Knight DLC – Seasonpass Updates

If you move your cursor to the url bar right now, making way to the WB forums, you’ll be prompted with a message to log in for a free piece of BatmanArkham Knight DLC.

You must already have a WB id. If you have played any of WB’s games over the past few years, chances are you already have one made. Log in and enjoy your “Batman of Zur-En-Arrh” skin, pictured below.

Here’s the prompt you should see as of 10/17/15. We’re unsure how long the promotion will last.

Courtesy of WB Games
Free Costume – Courtesy of WB Games

Every single piece of future paid DLC has also been announced, which is detailed over at WB, pictured below.

Courtesy of WB Games
All DLC laid out – Courtesy of WB Games

I’m usually not the type to excite over non-story paid DLC, but the Batman vs Superman suit and batmobile are too tempting to pass up.

Batman vs Superman skins - Courtesy of WB Games
Batman vs Superman skins – Courtesy of WB Games

With the non-stop controversy plaguing BatmanArkham Knight, can you see yourself purchasing a single piece of DLC?


Walter Winchester