South Park – S19: E03-04 – Recap + Review

We’ll start with episode three, entitled “The City Part of Town.” This season has been all about tearing apart the year 2015 as it unfolds, and that continued here. This time, it’s all about gentrification. Towns all over the country are trying it. That includes mine. I live in Cliffside Park, NJ. In the middle of it, there sits a construction site. That’s very new.

For years, it was a giant hole in the ground, because my clown show of a town didn’t have enough money to properly build the yuppy oasis that they’ve been planning. Due to that, I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off throughout the entirety of this episode’s twenty-two minute runtime. It helped that one of the main characters was the City Wok guy, though – I love that guy.

All right, let me take myself out of this, because I haven’t explained the real meat and potatoes of this episode. It starts when Jimmy Fallon rips into South Park during one of his opening monologues, thanks to the ridiculous actions of Mr. Garrison. Sensing that South Park’s image may take a hit, Randy Marsh leads the charge to gentrify, and get a fancy district in town, SoDoSoPa (South of Downtown South Park).

The problem is that there’s only one house in the south of downtown South Park – Kenny’s house – and Kenny’s dad has no intention of selling. Unfortunately for him, that doesn’t do enough to stop Randy, the Mayor, or the residents of the quiet little mountain town, who simply build their SoDoSoPa around Kenny’s house. Straight up: that provides for some of the funniest moments that I’ve ever seen.

Kenny gets a lot of attention in this one. At a point, his dad tells him that if he wants money, he can go out and get a job. So, he goes out, and gets a job – at City Wok (see the featured image). As I said, I love the manager, so I was in for every step of the way.

There’s really not much else to say. If you’re reading this, and you still haven’t seen “The City Part of Town,” then you need to go and change that. They use some live-action footage again, and it’s hilarious.

All around, the episode is great. Check it out HERE.

Now – let’s move on to episode four, entitled “You’re Not Yelping.”

(Comedy Central)
(Comedy Central)

In this episode, a large part of South Park starts to use Yelp. Since it’s South Park, they all act like assholes, almost immediately. Cartman is head asshole, of course, lording his status as a yelper over poor restaurant owners who only hope to turn a profit. They all act like that, until Whistling Willy snaps, and kicks each and every one of them out of his restaurant. That’s when the war begins.

I won’t say anymore about the plot, or any of the jokes. It only aired two days ago, and I refuse to rob anyone of that experience. The episodeĀ is yet another incredibly sharp satire on our current culture.

This season has been nothing but boogers and cum hot fire.

Check out episode four HERE.


One week, they destroyed the process of gentrification. On the following show, they completely obliterated yelpers. What will Matt Stone and Trey Parker shatter to pieces on the next episode? Who knows, but I can’t wait to find out.


10 – two certified bangers. I don’t hand that out lightly. So far, they’re 4 for 4. This season is on pace to be among the best thatĀ Matt and Trey have ever produced.


Walter Winchester