Fallout 4 Gets Live Action Treatment

Bethesda is throwing a lot of money toward the release of Fallout 4, and who could blame them? Each of their games meet massive critical and monetary success. The hype train is gaining more momentum with a new and official live action trailer. Their social media pages are abuzz with user comments sharing in the developer’s excitement. We’ll cut to the chase and let you view the masterful trailer below.

Live action trailers often fail to convey gameplay, but the video you just watched did a great job at describing what kind of atmospheres to expect through use of visuals and soundtrack. There’s a superb attention to detail when Lone Wanderer has to slow down, crouch, and fire at what are likely super mutants. It would be nice to see more filmmakers reinterpret game mechanics on screen as the creators behind the Fallout 4 live action trailer did. In case you didn’t catch it, the slow moving shot is representative of the beloved Fallout VATS system, a mechanic players use to skillfully take out enemies by use of mathematics.

Daniel Mihailescu