New York Comic Con – Newbie’s Perspective

I’ve been to NYCC several times. I’ve gone as press and I’ve also gone with a GA ticket. It was great every time. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to NYCC 2015.

Director/writer and Nerdopotamus contributor Allan Manzi did make it however, and he even snapped some photos for all of us!

NYCC gets bigger and stronger every year. There are rumors that because of its yearly growth, a new north eastern venue will need to be selected in order to fit everyone. That’s what happens when a convention of such magnitude becomes so far reaching.  I asked Allan Manzi what he thought of the convention and here’s what the filmmaker had to say.

“It was a rush man. I had a lot of fun. It was so cool seeing a wide range of people coming together in their love for all these different worlds. The crowd was overwhelming though.”

I think we can all relate Mr. Manzi!

Live vicariously through Allan’s photos below. You might spot a celebrity or two.

ALL IMAGE CREDITS: Allan Manzi. Look at his films by clicking here.

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Daniel Mihailescu