NYCC Jessica Jones Hype is REAL

If you missed any of the NYCC ’15 news from yesterday (10/10/2015), I won’t blame you since the first two days were extremely light in news, and kind of boring. But like most conventions, Saturday was far from a bust. The most surprising bit of information was of course Jessica Jones related. Jessica Jones is another member of the ground level characters related through sister show, Daredevil, and grander Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If you were at NYCC, you were told that you weren’t going to be shown anything in relation to Jessica Jones, as corroborated by this tweet.

But also like the tweet above, the pilot episode of Jessica Jones actually had its premiere.  In fairness to the creators of the media which is scheduled to release on Netflix on November 20th, 2015, all we want to say is that the episode is yet another mature and raw Marvel experience. Marvel is teaching us that you can establish a colorful universe that satisfies multiple tastes across audiences everywhere. Some of Marvel’s content, like their movies, are poppy and “comic-booky,” while their television shows have an intense grit.

If you enjoyed Daredevil, I’m going to believe you’ll enjoy Jessica Jones. Kristen Ritter performs her character better than any female “A-Lister” in “Hollywoo” (See Bojack Horseman) today. You want a strong female character? Well shit, you got her.


Daniel Mihailescu