Izzy and Sasha Banks Made Up

If you haven’t watched NXT TakeOver: Respect, then you need to head over and check it out right now. During the main event of the show – Sasha Banks vs. Bayley in a 30-minute Iron Man for the NXT Women’s Championship – Sasha pulled the best heel move seen in the WWE, in a very long time. She snatched the headband off of Bayley’s biggest fan, and then mocked her for crying about it.

It was amazing.

After the match, both Sasha and Bayley were given beautiful bouquets of flowers. Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado (Sasha’s real name) gave her flowers to Izzy, in an effort to apologize and make up for her actions during the match. Then they fist-bumped and all was good.

Later, Izzy’s dad Tweeted this:

Finally, I happened to stumble upon this Tweet, while looking for the previous one. I didn’t catch this when it aired, so I was left wondering how Izzy reacted to Bayley officially winning the match.

Now I know.