Wii’s Gone, But Custom Consoles Aren’t

Aside from all the homebrew development that takes place, the Wii doesn’t have a library that’s still expanding. No matter. Gamers will always find ways to keep those things cherished alive.

Over the years, some hardcore Nintendo fans customized their Wii consoles to add a unique flair. Here are some of my favorites.

The Bender Wii

Alright, so it’s not a huge modification or even a paint job. It’s a skin form decal girl, but it’s spiffy and the right amount of Bender Bending Rodriguez for any Futurama fan.


The Bedazzled Wii

One of the most talked about custom Wii’s a few years back looked like Christian Audigier made it. It was handcrafted and designed with twenty-thousand Swarovski crystals. The system was given to a 2008 Super Smash Bros. tournament winner, only to be auctioned later on.

swarovskimarionintendowii1 swarovskimarionintendowii3 swarovskimarionintendowii2SOURCE: internetsiao

Return To Dreamland Wii

This project was obviously done by a craftsman that has extreme adoration for Kirby. Each sparkle carefully articulates passion unparalleled by any custom Wii job I’ve ever seen.


Check out the video below for more.

SOURCEdeviant art

Walter Winchester