Ronda Rousey: Pokemon, Wacraft and First Woman…

Bad ass celebrities are a huge inspiration. They’re even more bad ass when they admit to doing things that the “average person” does.

Ronda Rousey, Olympian and Judo champion, blows off steam gaming and humoring Jimmy Fallon. The competitive athlete once moderated a Pokemon forum and currently plays a few different RPGS, World of Warcraft included. By the sound of it, she’s taking her sweet time running around Azeroth because of her busy schedule and all. She almost has enough gold for a flying license! At one point she acknowledges typical societal irony. When younger, she was considered uncool for her indulgence in “geeky” activities, but now that she’s a celebrity, her hobbies are considered “cool.” Good on her telling people it’s okay to be who they are.

Some subtle and powerful messages in the video below.

Ronda tweeted her thanks to Fallon quickly after.

She had such an amazing time, she had to tell her Instafans too!

Notice how Rousey is giving people credit? That’s not uncommon, but it’s not seen often. Giving credit where credit is due is one of the most honorable things someone could do.  Look at the “cool” that’s exuding from her in that picture above one more time, then continue reading.

In fairness, there’s even bigger news. Ms. Rousey serves as the first female athlete to appear on the front cover of “Mens Fitness.” There’s a vocal minority that currently expresses their displeasure in the news, while others are extremely supportive and understand the impact of the magazine’s outreach. No matter what, Ronda Rousey is an influence, history maker, and officially “#fitspiration” to more people than ever.

That message and picture below.

How cool is it that Mens Fitness is mixing it up and taking risks? Decisions like the one above broaden horizons and of course lead to new readers.

If it sounds like I’m gushing, I can’t help it. I think Ronda is one of the roughest, toughest, “raddest,” and most inspirational people to grace planet Earth. Admittedly, my first experience watching the living legend was in a cinema. I went home, researched her, and have been hooked since.

It’s in my opinion that the authenticity that radiates from Ronda Rousey sparks levels of creativity in people of all ages. People like Rousey break barriers and inform the mainstream that anything is possible, as long as the right amount of effort is introduced.

One more “for the road.”

Stay cool Ronda Rousey – and Shaq.



Daniel Mihailescu