The Best Moment of RAW (10/5/2015)

Welcome back to “The Best Moment of RAW,” where we boil an entire episode of WWE’s flagship television program, Monday Night Raw, down to one, bright, shiny moment. It has been the hottest of garbage lately, except for New Day, and John Cena. I’m a little upset that they’ve been put together, resulting in one less entertaining segment, but they’ve also been killing it.

Last week, John Cena issued his US Championship Open Challenge, and New Day accepted. Well, more precisely – Xavier Woods accepted. It was great. This week, it looked like it was going to be Dolph Ziggler. His music hit, but he never came out.

Eventually, we found out why – New Day pounced. While Dolph’s music was playing, New Day walked out, dragging a barely conscious Ziggler with them. Obviously, it was done so that one of them could take his place.

Xavier had his chance, so this time, it was up to Big E.

Keep in mind – this is the final segment of the show. The main event. They went off the air with New Day standing tall over John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, and The Dudley Boyz. That’s a huge moment for them, and I’m really hyped.

With that said, it might’ve been nice if the rest of the show wasn’t boring as all hell. I already forget most of it, to be honest. Wait, no, now I remember the Kane and Seth Rollins stuff. Thanks a lot, guys. I managed to forget. You just had to ruin it.


Anyway, for this edition of “The Best Moment of RAW,” I decided to go to a loyal Nerdopotamus reader by the name of Scott Kolich. I’m going to let Scott explain why his favorite moment of the show was seeing Dolph Ziggler accidentally hit John Cena with a superkick, while trying to rescue him from New Day.

The following was the exact exchange we had over FaceBook messenger:

The superkick was fantastic because it was intended for someone else, and it was also very well-executed. Plus, Cena sold it well. I’m also a sucker for a good superkick. On top of all that, it made me hopeful that, since Cena has been putting on good matches, and Dolph has talent out the asshole – a banger of a feud will ensue, with The Show Off eventually becoming US Champion.

“And because fuck Cena, that’s why.”

NOTE: Skip to 1:22 for the superkick that Scott’s talking about.


Mr. X