Is Northcutt the Next Lyoto Machida?

Sage Northcutt made his UFC debut at UFC 192, and it was nothing short of spectacular. “Super” ended the fight in just 57 seconds, after his opponent slipped while trying to land a head kick. Northcutt took immediate advantage. Landing a barrage of elbows, the fight was eventually called off by Herb Dean. But, does this victory mark the resurgence of a former champion who once reigned supreme?

I recently watched the new pilot for “Looking for a Fight,” where Northcutt was on a list of multiple fighters targeted for recruitment by President Dana White. Northcutt has been training in martial arts for his entire life, having garnered numerous championships in Tae Kwon Do, evident in the way he fights. His style is reminiscent of Lyoto Machida.

Yet, Northcutt’s distinctive kicks and long range make me think we might see a new “karate” champion in the lightweight division. At 19, he still has a long way to go, but everything I have seen from this kid tells me he is a rare breed and will fit perfectly into the UFC. I am excited to watch Northcutt grow into the sport and continue doing victory front flips like you see out of Tekken. Not to mention this kid looks like Ivan Drago from Rocky – watch out for him.


Pierce Kuchle