Ubisoft Announcement Inbound

UPDATE 5FarcryPrimal has been officially announced.


UPDATE 4: It seems that our original video went down. We went back to the source and have another embed for you.


UPDATE 3: Ubisoft added another clue minutes ago.

UPDATE 2: According to Neogaf poster Iceternal, “The suspense is over.” Iceternal claims that the game set to be announced was leaked by IGN Turkey and is for a game called Farcry: Primal, a Farcry title set in prehistoric times.  

Photo Credit: Iceternal and Neogaf

UPDATE: 10/5/2015 8:46 PM   Head over to https://www.ubisoft.com/en-US/ to check out the “LIVE” video. The video seems to be looping for about four hours now. We’ve included the embedded video below.      VIDEO IS DOWN.     ORIGINAL POST: As of the time of writing, Ubisoft’s Twitter account has posted three wacky tweets.   The first tweet is a short video of a humanoid cave painting. The second one is just as bizarre, preceded by text stating “Think bigger.” You can check out the tweets in order of how they were posted below.  

The Tweets could be hinting at a new software release.  Why the cave paintings?