Titanfall Celebrates 10 Million Players

X-Box/Origin exclusive Titanfall, made by Respawn Entertainment, has reached a new milestone. The software has garnered tenmillion users. The news comes as a huge deal, considering the game released on a console that didn’t sell well at first, and on Origin, which has a smaller populous than Steam.

Some of those crying against exclusivity could moan “See, that’s why you should have released it on another platform.” Those few people would be wrong for putting it so bluntly. Exclusivity may hurt hobbyists fortunate enough to own only one piece of hardware, but those same people aren’t considering that exclusive partnerships exist so that companies like Respawn Entertainment can create other titles on a wider variety of machines at a future date. Such deals grant developers heaps of money from the beginning, and it’s guaranteed!

If filmmaker Christopher Nolan didn’t make the Dark Knight Trilogy, studios wouldn’t have coughed up coin for him to make smash hits Inception or Interstellar, no matter how innovative Memento was.

Respawn‘s celebratory tweet below.


Walter Winchester