Taylor Swift and More On Amazon Prime Music

As someone who has owned a Prime membership for years, I’m excited to share that tons of new artists are popping up on Prime Music. Amazon Prime Music is an included music streaming service for those who are subscribed to Amazon’s Prime service, which includes two-day shipping on all items sold by Amazon and Prime Video. Transparent is totally worth it alone!

Their library is ever-growing, but not perfect. We finally have access to hundreds of new albums including the Super Deluxe version of In Utero, by NirvanaExodus by Bob MarleyPrism by Katy Perry, and impressively, Red by Taylor Swift. The most surprising of the four mentioned is Taylor Swift’s entry, as she is known for taking her music off of streaming software in the past. Maybe she had a change of heart or likes Amazon’s business practices for musicians.

The eclectic group of artists and albums added to the already massive catalog is most satisfying, even if Taylor Swift’s 1989 hasn’t made it to their database yet.

For a full list of new artists that Amazon just added to their Prime service, head here. Click the box below for a free 30-day trial.

Daniel Mihailescu