Why I Fear The Walking Dead

I’ll be the first to admit that I was late to the party. By the time I started to read “The Walking Dead” comics, there were 14 or 15 trades out. But I read them! I read them so fast, I was caught up to the single issues in under a month. My initial feeling on the comic hasn’t changed: I think it is the best creator owned comic going (Saga, Sex Criminals and East of West are up there too).

I was also a little behind on the show. Thanks to Netflix, I was able to watch all six episodes of season one. I marveled at how they had brought the comics right to life (except that CDC angle, but whatever). At that point, it was the most tense, and captivating show I ever experienced.

In short: I was hooked.

I found myself enjoying the slight deviations and variances from the source material. I picked up the novels that told the origin of The Governor and Woodbury. I couldn’t get enough of this universe and its amazing story!

Fast forward to February of this year: AMC announced a two season companion show, entitled, “Fear The Walking Dead.”

I was absolutely thrilled! I told everyone I could about it: coworkers, family, friends, random people on the street corner. This was something I had been clamoring for: a story in this same universe, but in a completely different setting, and focused on a completely different group of people.

I’m willing to admit that maybe – just maybe – my level of hype (which was above and beyond AF) led me down this path of complete and utter disappointment. That’s as far as I’m going, though.

As of this writing, we are four days away from the airing of the season one finale, and I find myself not giving a single fuck about it. I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m a TWD fanboy of the highest order, but even I can’t back this show up any longer.

It doesn’t help that AMC & Co. were teasing “what its like when the world ‘turns.'” That had me believing we’d finally find out what started this mess. Instead, all we’ve been getting is, “look at this family go through some ‘First World Problems’ as zombies start popping up.” It’s bullshit. I can’t stand the female lead either. She has to be one of the dumbest characters on television.

The worst (Courtesy of amc.com)
The worst (Courtesy of amc.com)

I say all of this with an incredibly heavy heart. I’m genuinely not one to trash a body of work like this, but I feel extremely let down by AMC, Robert Kirkman, and the rest of the executives that handle “Fear The Walking Dead.”

Hopefully, season two will be able to turn this show around. I, unfortunately, doubt that. This show is already plagued with some well worn tropes. I can never buy into the corrupted government/military bit, but something about it in FTWD feels incredibly shoehorned.

Have these six episodes deterred me from watching season six of “The Walking Dead?” Absolutely not. It’s not even going to stop me from watching the first episode of FTWD’s second season. Despite my bitching and moaning, I want this to succeed! I want more companion stories!

Correction: I want good companion stories. This one’s been so bad, that I’ve become afraid it’ll taint the whole property. I don’t want to see my beloved fandom disappear for good. I’m not ready to let it go.


Jerry Mascolo