The Best Moment of Raw (9/28/2015)

This week, the best moment of Raw came during the opening segment. That’s how bad the new episode was. The opening moments were better than the twelve hours of torture that followed.

To explain – this week, the show opened with John Cena holding his first US Championship Open Challenge, since winning that title back at Night of Champions. He did his usual promo, and all that, and then he called for an opponent.

This was the answer he received:

In case you’re assuming it was Kofi or Big E who wrestled – you’re wrong. It was Xavier. He stepped up and answered the challenge, claiming that John Cena was about to “get lost….IN THE WOODS!!”

Before he stepped up, however, New Day hit us with this amazing line.

New Day really is the best. Week after week, they’re the most entertaining act on Raw. Honestly, without them, I would’ve given up on the show a long time ago. It’s getting painful to sit through. It’s three hours long, and when you factor in commercials, and terrible segments – it genuinely feels like twelve.

At least we have the trombone. That’ll never get old.


Mr. X