Microsoft & Lara Croft Mean Business

Microsoft shared their newest holiday bundle with the world earlier today. Here’s what’s inside according to X-Box Wire.

  • 1TB hard drive, so fans can play and store more games than ever
  • Full-game download of the highly anticipated and Holiday 2015 Xbox exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • The exclusive Tactical Survival Kit Content Pack, which contains a new outfit and weapon skin for Lara
  • Full-game download of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, the HD remake of 2013’s critically acclaimed and award-winning Tomb Raider

Microsoft is going to try hard once again to provide consumers with excellent console deals and try to reign supreme during December 2015, much like they did last year. It seems that Microsoft isn’t interested in year-long domination as much as being interested in the short burst sales.

The fact that consumers will receive a 1TB X-Box One with Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and the highly anticipated Rise of the Tomb Raider may actually push people to purchase their console over the competition for a second consecutive holiday season. I for one am a huge fan of the Tomb Raider reboot and would certainly recommenced the bundle at the right price.

Are there any potential X-Box owners seeking to take advantage of this deal upon release?

Walter Winchester