Halloween Havoc 1997 – Eddie vs. Rey

If you’re a fan of wrestling, then you’ve probably seen this match. It’s a little less than 15 minutes of hot fire. Eddie Guerrero took on Rey Mysterio, Jr. in a Title vs. Mask match. If Rey won, he got the Cruiserweight Championship. If Eddie did, Rey would have to remove his mask.

It’s one of Mysterio’s best performances. Not to take away from Eddie, because he was great, but Rey, man – he’s incredible. He’s all over the place. At one point, he’s standing on the mat, working a hold on Guerrero, and then he just hops up onto the top rope like it’s nothing. It’s such an insane display of athleticism, and Mysterio makes it look like a breeze.

Here it is, for the viewing pleasure of those who haven’t seen it (and all those who have):

I hope you watched it. You’re missing out, if you didn’t.

All those who did – hit the comment section. Let’s talk about it. One of our wrestling writers will definitely be here to respond, and keep the conversation going. They love talking about wrestling.

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