Thank Fallon For That Kenan & Kel Reunion

All That fans and specifically Kenan and Kel fans have tons of producers and creators to thank, but mostly The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon.

The comedy duo reunited to perform a Good Burger skit after years of controversy that Kenan Thompson was allegedly dodging once best friend Kel Mitchell.

This time, Jimmy Fallon played Kel Mitchell’s buddy behind the register while Kenan Thompson played construction worker Lester, a character he’s portrayed in past Good Burger sketches. The entire sketch is heart warming, natural, and downright funny. Both Kenan and Kel break character to share laughs and appreciate the air.

After twenty years, fans may rejoice as television’s best friends grace us with nostalgic humor at least one more time.  It’s probably safe to assume that Mr. Thompson and Mr. Mitchell have squashed what non-public beef they might have once had. Maybe a Good Burger sequel is up next?

One can hope.

Check out the video below!

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Kel Mitchell’s Instagram.

Daniel Mihailescu