The Best Moment of Raw (9/21/2015)

Welcome to the second edition of “The Best Moment of Raw.” It used to be that I, Mr. X, would watch all of Monday Night Raw, and update a piece the whole time. That took too much out of me. No more of that.

Instead, nowadays, I take one, bright moment from the entire broadcast, and shine a spotlight down on it – making it even brighter – I guess? I don’t know. I just really don’t want to review whole episodes of Raw anymore. The show is pretty awful, for the most part.

Anyway – last week, I chose New Day, and their “Pink Panther” moment. That was incredible. This week, Xavier did it again. New Day teamed up with Rusev to face Dolph Ziggler and The Dudley Boyz in a six-man tag team match, and during it, Woods used his trombone to play Rusev’s theme.

That wasn’t all. New Day also reacted during Rusev’s pre-match ritual, which I didn’t catch, until this morning. It’s so simple, but it’s hilarious. They don’t even go all the way down. It looks like they’re just hyped AF to be in the ring with Rusev.

That’s the Power of Positivity, baby!!


P.S. Here, as a bonus:  

Mr. X