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Northern New Jersey pro wrestling fans are in for a big treat as ProWrestling Magic makes its return to Bogota tonight! We here at Nerdopotamus have been following PWM since its first show in April, earlier this year. We know some of our readers may not be fully caught up on the happenings of ProWrestling Magic (the fools), so allow us to catch you up, as we run down tonight’s event.


We’ll start at the very top: The PWM World Championship (seen in the featured image, in all its glory). Competitors have been coming from far and wide to earn a chance at being crowned the first-ever PWM Champion. The field has been narrowed down to the final four.

Ricky Martinez takes on the “Turnt Up Titan,” Dave Davis. Martinez has taken his eyes off of Matt Saigon and the ECWA championship for a chance to have his name forever etched in the annals of PWM history. However, Dave Davis and his Diving CrossBody have a different idea about how the night will go.

Magic, a main stay in the Northern New Jersey independent scene, will square up against The Ecuadoran Aristocrat Juan Francisco De Coronado in the other Final Four matchup. Juan Francisco made a huge impact on the first PWM show by buying his way into the main event.

Fans have seen him throw money around at PWM and CHIKARA shows alike. When it comes to Magic, though, no amount of money can buy what he wants: to be the first ever PWM World Champion and give his career a much needed recharge!

Can the veteran best the aristocrat, or will Magic be another notch in the perfect record of Juan Francisco De Coronado?

Turning from the PWM World Championship, we come to a match that checks professionalism at the door – this one is PERSONAL!

Steve Off and his returning partner, Hoost Traplash, are out for revenge. Hoost was sidelined after an attack at the end of the May PWM show, perpetrated by the Malanga Family, Everett Cross and Stevie Sterling of Glitz ‘n’ Glamour.

Steve Off was handcuffed to the ring ropes as he watched his partner get utterly decimated at the behest of Gianni Malanaga. To make matters worse, it was after Hoost and Off (known collective as Storm Force) won the inaugural Donald Casamento Memorial Cup. Donald Casamento was Steve Off’s highschool guidance counselor, who tragically lost his battle to cancer last October. Since that attack, Off’s life has been a living hell.

At the last show, it was scheduled to be Storm Force competing against Glitz ‘n’ Glamour (Sterling and the returning Jarrett Foster). However, since Hoost was sidelined, President Chad Adams planned to award Glitz ‘n’ Glamour the first ever PWM Tag Team Championship. Steve had other plans, and managed to secure a replacement partner: his former trainer and aforementioned wrestling scene main stay – MAGIC!

Taking into account what happened at the end of the Cliffside Park show in May, President Adams declared that Gianni Malanga was barred from ringside during the match, which would be contested as a Bogota Brawl. During the match, or more appropriately the fight, the villainous Malanga made his way out to ringside with Everett Cross in tow. President Adams and his personal security guard Peacemaker were not too far behind.

Despite repeated warnings from the President, Gianni would not return to the back. Glitz ‘n’ Glamour seemingly had the match, and the championship in the bag, thanks to the three on two advantage – but you can never count out the fight and heart of Steve Off. Steve and Magic battled back against the odds and looked to be gaining the upper hand.

Until the punch heard ’round the world.


Gianni was in the ring, distracting Steve, when Steve took it upon himself to handle Gianni. Unfortunately for him, Gianni moved out of the way and Steve struck President Adams, who was on the ring apron, still yelling at Malanga to return to the back.

After the miscue, Steve was able to take advantage of the confusion and score a pinfall over Foster. The place erupted as Steve and Magic raised the PWM Tag titles high over their heads. Sadly, the celebration would be short lived.

President Adams would inform Steve, Magic, and everyone in attendance that, due to Steve striking a PWM official and violating the PWM Code of Conduct, he was overturning the referee’s decision and awarding the championship and the victory to Malanga’s Glitz ‘n’ Glamour.

As Steve and Magic looked devastated in the ring, the collective force known as the Malanga Family and President Adams & Peacemaker walked to the back, now celebrating. It would appear that President Adams has aligned himself with the vile Malanga. A point made abundantly clear, as Storm Force tonight will clash with Peacemaker and Everett Cross.

Assuredly, both Malanga and President Adams will accompany their combining competitors out tonight. Once again, it seems like Storm Force will have their backs against the wall.

Since I mentioned the Tag Team Championship, Glitz ‘n’ Glamour are setting out for their first defense tonight against the Down Boyz. As we’ve already covered, Glitz ‘n’ Glamour are not above doing whatever they, or Gianni feels is necessary to win. Add in the fact that they are defending their Tag Team championships, and there is no telling how low they’ll stoop to win.

Standing in their path to a successful defense are the Down Boyz, who are riding the momentum of a successful debut back at the June show.

While the Down Boyz are newcomers to the PWM scene, this isn’t their first championship opportunity. The Down Boyz have found tag team success in a number of other promotions and look to continue their winning ways in PWM.

Tonight also marks the PWM debut of one of the most well liked wrestlers currently out there: DASHER HATFIELD!

Dasher Hatfield makes his Pro Wrestling MAGIC debut on Sept 18th in Bogota, NJTICKETS WILL BE ON SALE STARTING JULY 4TH WITH AN INDEPENDENCE DAY SPECIAL!

Posted by Pro Wrestling Magic on Friday, June 26, 2015

Dasher has made a big name for himself in CHIKARA. Who knows what will happen when the Old Timey King of Swing steps up to the plate at PWM.

It wouldn’t make sense to call it ProWrestling Magic without a surprise! PWM has pulled a huge ace card out from its sleeve with the announcement that IMPACT Wrestling’s own Robbie E will be appearing tonight in Bogota, New Jersey Who knows what will happen when the Jersey Shore Superstar shows up tonight. One thing is certain, somebody is going to feel the BOOM Drop!


Tonight is proving to be a historic night for PWM. The first-ever World Champion will be crowned, and the Tag Team Championship will be defended for the very first time. As we draw closer to the finish of the PWM World Championship Tournament, the women of PWM are also taking steps of their own to crown the inaugural Women’s Champion.


PWM has made such an impact in the world of wrestling that Terra Calaway, who is a known force throughout California and Nevada, is looking to cement herself as the dominant woman in wrestling by claiming the PWM Women’s Wrestling Championship. Her path to that goal starts tonight. In her way: the newcomer, Sammi Pandora. Sammi has a tall order in front of her. Can she overcome the “Sin City Siren,” Terra Calaway?

See all of this, and more, tonight at the Bogota VFW in Bogota, NJ.

First bell is 8PM. Be there as PWM Interviewer, Carl Vanderbeek welcomes the crowd, and gets everyone set for the upcoming action.


IMAGE CREDITS: They were all taken from the ProWrestling Magic FaceBook page.

Jerry Mascolo