Take Back Our DLC Starting With Phantom Pain

Website Blogjob broke a wacky story that fills my heart with bright red smiles.

PoisonedMods developed a tool for PC gamers to take back what is theirs in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Yes, if you paid for it, and it comes on disc or download, it’s yours. No one should have to be forced to purchase a license to access something they already own. That’s hogwash. It’s horse manure. It’s bull snot.


The name of the fancy modification is “DLC and All Items Unlocker.” What does the mod do? Simple. Turn on the mod and unlock everything DLC related, including content that’s currently exclusive to consoles. No, it’s not cheating, although the modification allows for acquiring Quiets alternate costumes. Call that what you want.

I guess you could disagree that this is “wrong” in every aspect, but I suppose I can say that that idea is the epitome of anti-consumerism. From here on out Konami and others will learn to keep paid dlc off disc and download.


Remember when they were called “expansion packs?” Bungie understands.

So does Blizzard, Bethesda, and even EA.

I seriously want to know if you’re for or against things like this.

Thanks to Blogjob for sharing this information with the world!

IMAGE CREDITS: User PoisonedMods and Nexusmods.com.

Walter Winchester