Isn’t That a Bit Harsh? – Nick Diaz’s Five Year Suspension 

On Monday, Nick Diaz was handed a five-year suspension – not to mention a substantial fine of $165,000 – for failing a drug test prior to his appearance at UFC 183.  Diaz has had run-ins with the law before–once in 2007 and, again, in 2012, both for testing positive for marijuana. But, the seriousness or recurrence of the offense was not the real issue here. The Nevada Athletic Gaming Commission made it very clear they wanted to make an example out of the former contender.

During the process, the NSAC bombarded Diaz with questions regarding his past penalties. While Diaz used his constitutional right to plead the Fifth Amendment, the commissioners’ proceeded to engage in unrelenting, and some might argue abusive, questioning. Even after Diaz’s legal pointed to flaws and inconsistent readings in the drug tests that were performed, evidence was ignored by the commission was the one that felt assaulted by the “disrespect” during the proceedings.

Love or hate him, this life ban should not have taken place, especially because it does not have any performance enhancing qualities.  If Diaz does not win his appeal, he will be 37 when he can return to the octagon, if at all.

My vote is  #FreeDiaz. Write your thoughts below, about what I perceive as a controversial proceeding.


Pierce Kuchle