Destiny 2.0 & Taken King Review In Progress

Just around one year ago, vanilla Destiny released for last gen and current gen consoles, minus Nintendo’s platforms. The hype was real.

It was a while since developer Bungie released a video game. Their last game was part of the esteemed Halo franchise. Based off of footage, concept art, and leaked story, many thought Destiny was Halo’s spiritual successor in MMOFPS form. There were two glaring complications. Bungie kept telling us to call “their” game an “MMO” and 343 Industries helms the still well-regarded Halo series.


Vanilla Destiny released and sold well. It continued to sell well and reviewed decently. Over a short period of time, gamers realized they were playing a game that had little draw. It looked great, especially on next generation hardware, but it was far from complete. Planets were empty, quest givers weren’t really quest givers, voices were dull, Player-vs-Player was unbalanced, and grinding was disrespectfully time consuming while necessary to continue progression.

While on the topic of time and space, some of us watched ourselves age while enduring snail-paced load times. Did I mention Bungie didn’t want us calling it an MMO? If it walks like one, and talks likes one, it is one.

prodigal landing

Bungie came to terms with the product they put out and understood that for all the money spent on their software, they had to make things right by way of addressing the issues of making an “MMO” that played like an incomplete children’s story.

For players that abandoned the cosmos before Holiday 2015, Destiny 2.0 arrives as a shocking change.  Voice acting is coherent, quests have story context, and loading times remain atrocious.

I’m going to take my time carefully examining the restructuring of the universe Bungie built for us pretending like 1.0 was never around. Maybe it’s just the packaging, but it appears it went from being “their” game to “our” game.


I was pumped for the first attempt, and now that it’s evident the MMOFPS will behave as it should have September 9th, 2014, I believe we’re all going to have sound experiences. Mine isn’t awful, but it’s the honeymoon period.

Daniel Mihailescu