Thoughts on the Nick Diaz Ban

Special Guest Writer:
Dane Curley

Nick Diaz was banned for FIVE YEARS by the NSAC… for smoking pot.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission is a corrupt bureaucracy designed to funnel money into the hands of its wealthy political hierarchy. The entirety of its leadership is appointed by the Governor of Nevada, a motherfucker who knows nothing about boxing or mixed martial arts. He has a great idea, however, of exactly which cronies he wants in positions of power.

Multiple offenses or not, it is clear that Diaz’s ban is a decision made by a Commission which flies by the seat of its pants. This decision is not about marijuana in the sport, or role model idol design and worship. Instead, it is about flexing the NSAC’s muscle, which is of a purely constructive nature, born by the imaginative and notoriously crooked Nevada State Government.

Nick Diaz is NSAC’s ideal sacrificial beast, primed for mutilation; he is a rabble-rouser, urban, not politically correct. He’s not the cymbal-hitting monkey they have in most of the sport’s other stars. Very truly, this is nothing short of a symbolic show of force by the Commission. It’s clearer in contrast. Anderson Silva, Mr. Politically Correct, gets a 1-year-ban in the twilight of his career for using 3 banned substances (including two forms of anabolic steroids). Nick Diaz, Mr. Fuck the System, gets a 5-year-ban in the financial peak of his career for smoking marijuana.

The worst of it is that this disparity is made given the context that Nick Diaz lost a close fight to Anderson Silva, who held a significant size advantage, and was roided to the hills. But this is what you get when you let right-wing business take precedence over the sport. You end up with a bunch of money grubbers with neither a respect for individuality nor a tolerance for those that would question their authority.

Nick Diaz will get the last laugh when he and his brother carry all their fan-power over to Japan.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is Joey Finnegan. Just this note, obviously – the rest of the article was Dane. I wanted to explain his role to any readers out there. Mr. Curley and I used to work together at a website that shall not be named. He was the managing editor, as well as the lead MMA writer. We both wrote hundreds of articles while there (I was the lead wrestling writer).

Nowadays, though, Dane is in school. Hence the “Special Guest Writer” credit. Whenever he feels that urge to write, he has a platform.