Why Until Dawn’s Emily Deserves To Live


We can all agree that Emily in Until Dawn is a handful. During despair, Emily behaves selfishly, begging others to do her dirty work, and moans when she doesn’t get her way. Fine, I get it. She’s not cool. She’s the “filler.” Filler shouldn’t die though.

Yes, Emily is selfish enough that she’d probably cheat on Matt given the opportunity. We saw it through the binoculars. She didn’t act on it though. It’s time to stop complaining about the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” nonsense. Making assumptions isn’t cool either.

Emily loves to hear herself speak. We all have that one family member or friend that can’t ever shut up. Does that mean you want them to die? I hope not. That’s deranged. If she talks too much, roll your eyes and listen to something else. She has to stop eventually.

Who's the real baddie?
Who’s the real baddie?

Emily never attempts to directly harm her cabin mates. Some people get hurt around her emotionally. Toughen up and move on. She doesn’t intentionally harm people physically.

Other characters contemplate seriously killing Emily when they think a beastly bite might turn her into something from the nether world, and we still prefer those blood lusting goons over her. And why, because Emily sucks in social atmospheres?

I’ll admit, we trust her friends for good reason. They don’t cry as much and usually follow the “right” paths. They’re also not wrong for thinking the way they do about Emily and her possible contamination either, based off prior incomplete information they were given. It’s still strange how no one wants to talk about vocal fan favorites possibly lacking all sense of humanity during these intense moments.

Emily’s annoying but she never attempts to murder her “friends.”  If morality isn’t part of your fiber, enticement of a trophy still exists.

She doesn’t deserve to die dammit.

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