Upcoming 3DS Games Have Awesome Cover Art

I was browsing upcoming 3DS games hitting shelves this fall. The art has me floored.

91tAgbvadcL._SL1500_Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden

You recognize the title above if you’ve played the retro Dragon Ball Z Butoden titles for Super Nintendo. They weren’t made directly available to westerners, but if you ever had the chance, you might have preferred the special moves and mechanics to rival fighters of its day. The cover art is a shout out to original Dragon Ball Z poster art, while now respecting a much larger cast.

91+ZVMp3I6L._SL1500_The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

Is that Shovel Knight in the bottom left corner? Kidding.

It seems the past few years Legend of Zelda games have been paying homage to themselves. Looking at Tri Force Heroes illustration, it’s clear the trend hasn’t faded, and I’m happy with that because this front cover rocks. Each Link, represented by a different tunic, isn’t simply another color swap.

Each Link has a style, hinting that Tri Force Heroes is another canon story. Red looks like a fiery Prince hurling flames at foes. Green is the tank leader, as always. Blue’s ready to support with precision. The art’s telling a story. That’s how you sell a game.


Camera theory states that having a camera close to the ground while tilting up translates to the character or characters being the hero or heroes of the shot. Every single Pocket Monster isn’t anything less than a hero in the photo above. As a long time fan of the series, mainly the original Blue and Red releases, witnessing the front and center starters of the original one-fifty-one hanging out together, clearly on the same team, ensued the craziest “fangasm” I’ve ever had.

I know you’re not supposed to judge media by covers, but this quarter’s going to be tough not to.


FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: User Awakened on steambanners.booru.org.

Daniel Mihailescu