Are Peter and Lois Griffin Related?

This’ll be short and sweet, so let’s jump right into it.

“Peter Griffin: Husband, Father…Brother?” is the fourteenth episode of the third season of “Family Guy.”

In it, Peter learns that he has a black ancestor named Nate Griffin. Later in that same episode, Peter discovers that Nate was a slave for the Pewterschmidt family, which is Lois’ maiden name, of course. That’s pretty awkward. Lois’ family owned Peter’s.

Well, it gets worse. In a season four episode, entitled “The Griffin Family History,” Peter tells stories to his family, while they’re trapped inside a panic room, because a crew of robbers decided to break into their suburban home. One of the stories in question is the tale of Nate Griffin.

He was picked up in his home country, forced aboard a slaving ship, and eventually taken to the Pewterschmidt plantation. During his time as a slave for the family, Nate fell for one of the women, who looked an awful lot like Lois. He eventually charmed his way into her heart. They then proceeded to have children who looked exactly like Stewie, Meg, and Chris.

Assumedly, this was the beginning of the bloodline that created Peter.

So….doesn’t that mean that Lois and Peter are related?


Walter Winchester