Nintendo’s Relationship Goals With Amazon

Nintendo gets a lot of flak for a ton of their decisions. I’m not sure how anyone could twist this though.

Nintendo, like competitors, now offers digital downloads of their software on Amazon’s website. A sliver of their digital library can be found for purchase by clicking here. It’s a great idea, considering so many digital shoppers hold allegiance to Amazon.

To complete transactions, a Nintendo ID must be attached to an Amazon account. Loyal Amazon patrons can benefit from continued purchases on the website, especially if part of their credit program.

Nintendo has the right idea teaming up with Amazon to get their digital goodies in more hands. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is closer to their Nintendo “NX” dream, the current name for their next platform, rumored as a strictly digital platform. In the meantime, hold on to your Wii U and go enjoy everything it has to offer, which is a lot, fan boy!

Daniel Mihailescu