Let My Mistakes Help You Survive, Until Dawn

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Spoilers ahead.

By now, you’ve learned that my group didn’t successfully make it to the end. I’ve decided to include how I played the game to keep the majority of my team alive. If you’re looking for a detailed guide, you’re not going to love mine. If you’re looking for tips that are easy on the eyes, then stick around. Did I mention, you should read our review first?

  • There’s a backpack. Do not touch the cell phone. Zip up what’s not yours.
  • As Chris, don’t shoot the squirrel.
  • Encourage Matt to look through the telescope. He’s better off.
  • Don’t throw snowballs at birds. See a similarity yet?
  • Confront Mike about Emily, but don’t be too aggressive. It’s not what you think.
  • Back up Emily during the argument.
  • Help Jessica in the mine.
  • Sam and Josh will enter a boiler room. Before you speak with him, pick up the baseball bat. This is important.
So far, so good. Your team is managing well. If you haven’t followed the guide too well yet, chances are you’re going to have a tough time the rest of the game. I won’t encourage you to start a new game, but it might be a few extra hours well spent.
Another normal night with the teens of Until Dawn.
Another normal night with the teens of Until Dawn.

Ready to continue?

  • As Mike, flirt with Jessica, comfort the dying deer, and then be nice and scared running back to the cabin. Don’t give up the macho act inside.
  • Jessica will be captured by something. Take the riskier paths and don’t miss any button prompt. If you do, she won’t survive. Here’s how to tell if she survived. When the lift falls, she might appear to be dead. As long as she is twitching and her face remains in tact, she’s alive. When she falls a second time, she’s not dead. However, if she falls the first time, and her jaw is missing, she’s not coming back. You failed.
  • When you resume playing as Mike, the important choices settle in again. You’ll eventually enter the Sanatorium Morgue. There will be a device in the middle of the room with long chains (or cables) beneath it, stretching out randomly. Do not tap X. Your hand will get stuck.
  • Continue to the Sanatorium Chapel. You’ll be greeted by a wolf. Kick him. Search for a chest nearby and open it. Take out a bone and share it with the Wolf.
Mike in Until Dawn. Photo by Daniel Mihailescu.
Mike in Until Dawn.
  • Emily is going to suggest going to the fire tower. Respond with “Yes.”
  • Sam will go to the projector room. Follow the numbered steps.
  1. Chuck the vase.
  2. Jump over the bed.
  3. Let Psycho grab you.
  4. Grab the baseball bat.
  5. Swing.
  6. Force your way through the door.
  7. Don’t go back.
  8. Go down the hallway and hide.
  9. Keep hiding. Don’t twitch.
Sam will be thankful.
Sam will be thankful.
  • Matt and Emily will be surrounded by elk. Stay calm and move on. Don’t swing the axe.
  • The top floor of the fire tower has an exit. Go outside,around, and take the flare gun attached to a box on the wall. Give the flare gun to Matt.
  • The tower falls and then Matt can choose to save Emily or jump to safety. Jump!
Captured by Daniel Mihailescu
Ash isn’t actually afraid and Chris definitely isn’t afraid.
  • As Ash, examine the doll house. Enter the new room. Go to the workbench, read the catalogue, and pick up the scissors beneath it.
  • You’ll be asked to “Investigate Movement” or “Follow Chris.” Follow Chris.
  • When Psycho attacks, stab him with scissors.
Chris is smarter than this.
Chris is smarter than this.
  • Chris can choose to shoot himself or Ash. Don’t point the gun at Ash. Let the timer run out.
  • Emily will be chased by a man with a Flamethrower. Don’t set a spilled oil can ablaze. Let time run out.
  • Chris and Mike will drag Josh outside. Disarm Mike.
  • Emily is bit, but fine. Don’t move the controller when hiding is required.
  • Chris needs to return to the cabin. Shoot your enemy every chance you get. Don’t miss.
Dalton's character introduction in Until Dawn.
Brett Dalton’s character introduction in Until Dawn.
  • Don’t let Mike shoot Emily. Let time run out.
  • Tell everyone Emily is healthy.
Mike and his true love.
Mike and his true love.
  • The wolf you made friends with earlier will guide you. Try not to let your enemies overtake you. Wolf will only come to your rescue once.
  • At the gated bridge, roll over the oil drum, and kick it down. Shoot the drum instead of the two enemies.
  • Don’t shoot another drum. Keep shooting anything that tries to harm you. Again, don’t shoot drums. Mike won’t make it otherwise.
  • Ashley can “Reassure” Chris. Pick that. Don’t split up.
  • If you’re not going to for collectables, ignore the voice. If you’re trying to get them in your run, follow the voice. There will be a trap door on the ground with banging on it. Don’t open it. A totem is nearby. Pick that up instead. Move forward. Jump down.
Hayden Panettiere, as Sam, always learning.
Hayden Panettiere, as Sam, always learning.
  • Sam and Mike need hop into the water. Hug the left wall, and jump up. Pick up the Scrawled Journal. Hop back into the water and continue right.
  • Matt and Jessica reunite. Hide. Don’t abandon her. Hide again. Stick together.
  • Here’s the hardest part. You’re taking control of Sam again. Here’s what you do. Don’t miss a beat.
  1. Don’t lock the doors. Run with the others.
  2. Stay still.
  3. Save Mike.
  4. Hide.
  5. Stay still.

The last moments are intense, and your hands might want to move. Just know Sam will have been the team martyr if you mess up.

Until Dawn™_20150826143944
And they made it until dawn.

Learn from my mistakes and help the teenagers out of this crazy region.

Daniel Mihailescu