The Dudley Boyz Are Back!

So I watched Raw last night, but I was also busy writing. I was in and out during the whole show. I saw Bubba Ray and D-Von make their return, and I was excited about it, but as I said, I had things going on. Well, I just re-watched that segment, and I am fully torqued. It made feel like I was fifteen again. It was amazing. I felt goosebumps form on my arm, a smile creep across my face, and of course, there’s the torque. Still dealing with that. It was the “get the tables” that did it.

Bubba Ray cued it up with “D-Von,” and then he counted down from three and let the crowd finish the catchphrase for him. It sounds like every person in there yelled it at the top of their lungs.


This is beyond beneficial to the WWE. It’s going to elevate the tag team division to heights it hasn’t seen in a long time. The Dudley Boyz are the most decorated team in the history of the business. They lend instant credibility.

Here are their accolades, in their entirety, according to Wikipedia:

  • All Japan Pro Wrestling – World’s Strongest Tag Determination League (2005)
  • Cauliflower Alley Club – Other honorees (1997)
  • Extreme Championship Wrestling – ECW World Tag Team Championship (8 times)
  • Hustle – Hustle Super Tag Team Championship (1 time)
  • New Japan Pro Wrestling – IWGP Tag Team Championship (2 times)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated – PWI Match of the Year (2000) vs. Edge and Christian and the Hardy Boyz in a Triangle Ladder match at WrestleMania 2000, PWI Match of the Year (2001) vs. Edge and Christian and the Hardy Boyz in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match at WrestleMania X-Seven, PWI Tag Team of the Year (2001, 2009), PWI Tag Team of the Decade (2000–2009)
  • Squared Circle Wrestling – 2CW Tag Team Championship (1 time)
  • Total Nonstop Action Wrestling – NWA World Tag Team Championship (1 time), TNA World Tag Team Championship (2 times), TNA Television Championship (2 times) – Devon, TNA World Heavyweight Championship (2 times) – Bully Ray, TNA Tag Team Tournament (2013), TNA Tag Team of the Year (2005), TNA Hall of Fame (Class of 2014)
  • WWE – WWE Tag Team Championship (1 time), World Tag Team Championship (8 times), WCW World Tag Team Championship (1 time)

Bubba Ray and D-Von will be back for SmackDown on Thursday. We’ll see where things go from there. Personally, I cannot wait to see them interact more with The New Day. That should make for the best segment of any show it’s on.



Joseph Finnegan