Fan Incident at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn

If you’ve seen the Finn Balor and Kevin Owens match from NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, then you’ve probably noticed that early into the action, all of the fans have their attention diverted away from the ring, and into the crowd. It’s because four kids tried to throw streamers into the ring, and recreate this fantastic moment.

(Courtesy of
(Courtesy of

That didn’t happen, though. You know why? Because they all throw like little bitches. None of them made it to the ring. I appreciate the spirit of what they did, I really do, but if you’re going to do it, do it right. Don’t give me that weak ass shit.

If you pay attention when Balor and Owens are first in the ring, you can see streamers weakly fly through frame. From there, the arena security promptly escorted the throwers out of their seats. Then, I guess they changed their minds, because they brought them back. That’s why everyone is looking away from Balor and KO – because of four jabronis who couldn’t even make it to the ring with the streamers they brought.

I was audibly angry at that. People were getting in my way to watch them walk back to their seats. I couldn’t believe it. I still think they should have stayed kicked out, based purely on the fact that they didn’t even make it to the ring with any of their streamers.


Joseph Finnegan