Can Captain Falcon Star In His Own Game?

Why is Captain Falcon in Super Smash brothers? When you first think about it, it doesn’t make any sense. He’s just a racer that’s from the F-Zero universe. Why would he have beef with all of these other characters in the mash up universe? I know – I know. The same argument can be applied to most of the fighters, and I know – I know, “suspension of disbelief.”

There’s little room for that though. We kind of understand why each person is fighting. Mario attacks those who hurt those close to him and Pokémon are bred to obliterate enemies. Most fighters come from some combat oriented background. So why is a racer, who’s never shown any sort of physical prowess in the universe he’s in, minus hardcore racing, able to kick the sacks of other beloved Nintendo characters?

C. Falcon has a backstory. It might not be apparent, but it exists, and it’s canon. To quote his Wiki, he’s a “mysterious racer and bounty hunter who is one of the best racers on the circuit.” Catch that? A bounty hunter. That makes him undoubtedly an opponent or worthwhileness. When you think even harder, his story becomes more canon.

If Falcon is the type of dude to “mysteriously appear” places, then one might begin to think that the only reason he’s floating around Smash arenas in the first place is to complete another bounty. That also puts a bunch of characters at risk of being criminals or worse – targets of hit lists contracted by parties elsewhere in the massive Nintendo and extended universes. Sure it’s dark, but it’s not something of fan fiction when the proof is on paper.

I’ll take it another step further. Warning: Haters of Fast and The Furious will loathe this next bit.

Paul Walker, Courtesy of Wikipedia
Paul Walker, Courtesy of Wikipedia

Captain Falcon is like the Brian O’Conner of the F-Zero and greater Nintendo Universe. For those of you who don’t know, Mr. O’Conner, played by the late Paul Walker, was an undercover cop turned illegal street racing, heist pulling, ab flexing criminal. His unique trait was that he loved playing both sides of the law. That may explain why Falcon loves to race and knock in teeth.

With that being said, if Captain Falcon is this missing link amongst all of the Nintendo universes as some sick kick butt, no nonsense, power punching authoritarian, then why not give us a game that’s dedicated to the character himself? See where I’m going with this?

I think Captain Falcon deserves his own game. Tell us who he is. Share what makes the guy tick. What are his hobbies?  Not just any one genre could really do this though. So let’s sort this out.

A turn based RPG would not work. Sorry fans, it just doesn’t. It’s well established enough that Captain is way too fast for something as calm as a turn based RPG. Spare me the argument that quicker TBRPG’S exist.

A platformer wouldn’t work these days. It can’t do enough justice for the crime fighting speedster. Lifting off to pick up coins only to fall and repeat would drive us into madness. We don’t want to resent the man.

Please stop asking to make his game a FPS. There aren’t any good signs that a first person version would work. Samus Aran has that covered.

A strategy game? Pass.

Moba? No.

I believe Captain Falcon is best suited in an action RPG. Imagine this.

Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U - Courtesy of
Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U – Courtesy of

Captain Falcon in a game that plays like a lovechild of Bayonetta and Batman: Arkham Knight, while influenced by the color palette of the Kingdom Hearts series with a splash of F-Zero neon for good measure. Keep it open world. Nintendo doesn’t have anything like that on their AAA exclusive roster.

Leveling up would be required to obtain new gear, making Captain Falcon stronger for each boss (or contract) you want to move on to next. Side missions would lead to getting fancy perks that would enable later enemies (or contracts) to be taken down in style. The side missions can’t be easy though!

I’ve convinced myself the combat would be a doozy. Imagine being able to control his vehicle around cities before taking out villains? When he ejects he would immediately be able to face a half a dozen baddies using his uber quick punches we’re used to from SSB, and finish them off with mighty kicks.

Of course I don’t want to see it become a direct rip off of any other game, but it should use influence properly while avoiding gimmicks. We all know what I’m talking about when I’m talking about “gimmicks,” because Nintendo, as much as I enjoy their platforms, is overrun with technology we never fully adapt to.

Other open world action RPG’S Nintendo might want to seek inspiration from are Witcher, Assassins Creed, and Just Cause.

Let’s face it, if the graphics aren’t up-to-snuff, “Captain Falcon” isn’t going to attract a wide audience like the other games mentioned happily do.

Give us a new take, on an old character, in a genre that’s working well for everyone else.

Think about it.

Captain Falcon's ending in Super Smash Bros - Courtesy of
Captain Falcon’s ending in Super Smash Bros – Courtesy of
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